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Why Become a Brand Ambassador?

If you're passionate about building and nurturing relationships that elevate your community, we'd love to get to know you. Not sure if you're ready? If you embody the three pillars of what we look for in a Food & Spa Brand Ambassador (BA) — inviting, knowledge seeker, and reliable — then we think you're ambassador material.


We want all of our guests to feel invited and that we care about giving them a high-quality custom-tailored service. Many times our BA's will be our customer's first point of contact so we are looking for individuals that are in welcoming and display professionalism at all times when representing the Food & Spa brand.


You're committed to growth — personally, professionally, and in your community. In return, we're committed to giving you tools that will help you accomplish big goals. It is your responsibility to check your email, the brand ambassador portal, and attend online & phone meetings to receive the most updated information.


You believe that every connection can spark something amazing. You love building relationships in your community and can be someone that others can depend on. 

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